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You Can Now Download Insta Reel! Follow This Step-By-Step-Guide

You know how difficult it can be to keep up with all the content on Instagram Reels and other social media platforms. It can be tiring and time-consuming to try to find the same videos you watched earlier. But by being able to download Instagram Reels videos using a video downloader for Instagram, you will not just be able to view your favourite videos as and when you want but will also be able to download your own videos to post on other social media channels. It’s easier to share your Instagram Reels content across other social media platforms when you download them. Here is what you need to know about Instagram Reels and how to download Instagram Reels videos.

Instagram Reels – What are they?

For those who don’t know, Instagram Reels is an Instagram feature that has recently been added to the platform. It is not a standalone app, though; it’s just a feature. Users can create short video clips with music that are 15 seconds long and post them to Instagram Stories, Explore Feed, and the Reels tab of their profile. This feature is available in India, Brazil, the United States, and many other countries.

You can find Reels from Instagram’s most popular and current accounts on the Explore Feed. Instagram Reels are Instagram posts that have been shared by people you follow.

Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes content based on which accounts you engage with the most. However, it is not possible to say with certainty that Instagram Reels too uses the same algorithm.

How to download Instagram reels?

There are two ways—you can either save the video directly on Instagram or use some third-party tool for Instagram video download online.

—Saving Instagram Reels in the App—

These are the steps you need to take to save Instagram Reels in the Instagram app.

  • Open Instagram, and then tap the search button. You’ll be able to open the Reels video that you wish to download.
  • This can be done from the profile of a user. To open the Reels video, tap the tab next to the IGTV tab.
  • After you have opened the reel, tap the three dots icon at the bottom of your screen and then tap save.
  • Go back to Instagram’s home screen, tap your profile icon > the hamburger menu icon > Settings > Account > Saved. Your saved videos will be found in the All Posts folder.

—How to download Instagram Reels with a video downloader?

  • Download a good video downloader app for social media videos from Google Play.
  • Open the app after installing it. You will need to give the app access to your files, media, photos, and other data on the device. Once you have set up the downloader, go back to Instagram to select the reel that you wish to download. Tap the three dots icon > Copy link.
  • You can go back to Video Downloader. In most downloader apps, the URL of the reel that you have just copied will automatically appear pasted there.
  • The reel can be found in your phone’s gallery. It’s possible to edit and share the reel on other apps.

Now that you know how easy it is to download Instagram Reels videos, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to create a collection of your favourite reels to enjoy them even without an internet connection.

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