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Top Apps for Downloading Videos from Social Media

Has it ever occurred to you that you came across a highly interesting video on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, or Instagram, but you are not able to download and share it with family or friends? This happens mainly because either the video is not available publicly or you can’t share it sans signing into these social media sites.

If you are seeking a solution for such a situation, you can use some of the following best apps of social video downloaders available on android platform. One crucial point to note is that when sharing and downloading, you must remember to credit the video of the owner, particularly if you are sharing it on a public page.


This website is a comprehensive solution to download HD videos from the most popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. is a totally tested and compliant with Playstore policy. It has useful features like Night Theme, Video sorting, and a Built-in player. This website is an unofficial third-party product and not affiliated with any of the social media sites.


It is an all-in-one social media app that works on Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. It enables you to access all your social media profiles like Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It has built-in features for downloading images and videos to view later.

This app is also good for providing privacy features like blocking ads, content trackers, and other trackers, which you might fail to consider but should ideally do.


 It is a very straightforward app through which you can easily download videos and images from WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram with simply a click. This is a lightweight app implying that it works very well for these 3 social media sites, without any fancy features or fluff. In case you are seeking a minimalist app, which does the job, do try Social Downloader.


It permits you to download videos from a few social media platforms. Basically, it caters to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. All you need to do is to get the app share link, open the app and paste the link into the app to gain the video. This app also includes a video player to help watch videos, or you can opt to use the video player of your device. It is a free app but has a paid premium version with better features.


It is a free downloader that works for Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms. The videos that are downloaded are of the highest quality. You can select to save the video in the internal memory of your device or an SD card. As per reviews, downloads are super-fast, and the app seldom crashes.


It is a video and photo downloader for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms and works for both Android and iOS. It supports multiple languages and has all the features required to save and repost content from social media.

In sum, these are examples of major social media video downloader app and are mostly available for free or for a small fee for a premium version.

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