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Downloading Vs. Streaming Videos on Instagram

Instagram videos can be streamed live or downloaded locally. You can then watch them from there. If you have an unmetered broadband plan, you don’t really need to care about bandwidth. However, if you don’t have access to unlimited data, and have the habit of watching a video over and again, then you might be curious to know if downloading a video would consume lesser data than watching it a hundred times. Well yes, you might just save a lot of data by simply using a social media video downloader app and then downloading all your favourite Instagram videos instead of watching them online a million times over.

Downloading vs. streaming videos on Instagram—

Downloading an Instagram video means that you copy it from Instagram to your local device. So, you have the entire file in your possession, and you can play it as often as you want.

However, the video you stream doesn’t exist on your device. The file is stored on a server, and you are only receiving a portion. Streaming works in the same way as watching TV or listening to the radio. There is no need to do any extra work. However, once the video has ended, it is no longer available for you to physically own it.

  • Download an Instagram video if you intend to play the file multiple times—

Streaming is not better than downloading and vice versa. They have different pros and cons, as you can see from their explanations. It depends on your specific circumstances.

However, if you intend to play the file several times, it is best to download it. It’s easy to download once and watch it as many times as you wish. It doesn’t require an Internet connection. This makes it very useful when it isn’t possible to access the Internet, such as on a plane.

  • It’s best to download when the video in question is valuable for you—

You have to transfer data with streaming with almost every play of a file. The reason we say “almost” is because it’s possible to stream files and have them stored in your browser’s cache. If you don’t close your browser between replays and the cache doesn’t get overwritten, you may be able to access the file without having to load it again.

But technically, in this instance, you are not streaming directly. You are simply replaying a cached file. However, it doesn’t matter that you didn’t download the file; it is still a download since it is stored locally on your hard drive. However, these sorts of downloads are not true downloads. So, if an Instagram video is extremely valuable for you, it’s best to download it so that it stays safe with you.

  • It’s not really important to download when you are not sure if you will use a video in the future—

If the video you intend to watch doesn’t have much importance, then it’s better to stream it instead. Plus, you can always stop streaming if you don’t like the content. This means that you don’t have the file downloaded in its entirety. This saves you a lot of bandwidth. You don’t have to download things you don’t really want.

Although Instagram videos are excessively popular among users, the platform doesn’t allow you to download them. This is a big setback for those who spend a lot of time watching Insta videos. Thankfully, with a social video downloaderyou can easily download Instagram videos without much hassle.

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