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Book vs. Videos – Which One Makes For a Better Learning Material?

Books have their own secure place in people’s hearts. And they are still one of the most highly preferred means of learning. But when viewed in contrast to videos, they fail to prove much effective. The newest mantra for learning is “show, don’t tell”. Even books take the help of pictures to help learners visualize situations and concepts. So, the importance of visual learning simply can’t be overemphasized.

Talking about videos, they have been used extensively in classrooms over the years to support students’ learning and help even adults learn faster. As a matter of fact, most schools have started using videos in addition to traditional textbook teaching methods to boost learning.

Here is how videos help learn quickly and effectively—

  • Videos help memorize things better—

Visual processing of information is one of the major functions of the brain. Visuals are more effective than text and other learning materials because the brain responds quickly to them. People learn to process information faster through videos. Besides, the memory retains information from visuals for longer periods of time.

  • Videos help learn with demonstrations—

Videos can also be used to tell stories and demonstrate concepts. Watching people demonstrate or perform abstract concepts can help you understand them better. This makes learning quick. It is not always necessary to read to be able to understand things; it is enough to watch them happen.

  • Videos are a great learning tool for self-learners—

Anyone can learn things on their own by watching related videos. Videos allow people to learn things that a trainer might not be able to teach. This self-learning method has a stronger impact on the brain than reading the same thing in a book. For instance, if you want to learn nail art, then it would be more valuable for you to download nail art videos by some professional artist from their social media account using a social video downloader than reading a book on this art.

  • Videos are an effective learning aid used in classrooms across the globe—

Videos have become an integral part of classroom learning. They are used extensively in both online and physical classrooms. This form of classroom learning, also known as distant learning, allows students from all over the globe to interact and collaborate while learning.

  • Training imparted at workplaces—

Instead of explaining how to do a task, employees can be shown videos that show how to do it. This is just to ensure the concerned is following the instructions correctly. Videos are increasingly being used to train employees across the world.

  • Videos facilitate contextualization—

Videos are a powerful tool for visualizing the world. This contextualization can be extremely useful in translating abstract theories into visuals. Students are able to make connections between the knowledge and its practical application.

  • Videos as illustrations—

Videos are the best way to illustrate. Illustrations allow people to learn fast. The visual analogy is a better way to explain concepts than any other thing.

So, the bottom line is that video learning is more effective than traditional book learning. Videos give you a sense that you are present in the world that they portray.

Learning cannot be achieved by simply reading books or going through hard materials. Successful learning also requires the use of visual components.

If you think social media is a place for entertainment as well as learning, then you can download the videos available on various social media platforms using any good video downloader for social media.

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